"If You're Bad" (如果,你很坏)

Liu Dao

If you’re bad I’m gonna make you pay for it with everything I’ve got. I’ll make you shriek and howl and wish you didn’t do those things you did. When I’m through with it all, you’ll pray that it was a bad dream and you’re moments away from waking up in bed drenched in sweat. I’ll destroy you everyway I can, every part of your body and mind. I have handcuffs, and batons, and guns, and whips and chains. I have the authority to impose my will as I see fit. I have backup just in case I can’t handle you on my own. I’m ready to make an example out of you so everyone knows what not to do. I’ll blanket your every living moment like a hearty fog or mist, covering you with harsh justice. I’ll twist and contort your body into a pretzel of regret and agony, and I’ll do it even harder after you yell for me to stop. I’ll tease you with redemption and forgiveness, I’ll dangle the exit sign in front of your heavy eyes the entire time. I’ll do all of this and one thousand other things I wouldn’t dare tell you yet… but that’s only if you’re bad. So be good. 

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Title: "If You're Bad" (如果,你很坏)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 41x41x5x
Category: Other