"You'll See What You Want" (眼见为实)

Liu Dao

Ah fuck you, stare away. Get a good long gander and soak it up just as long as that god damned caveman brain will let you. I have pages of qualifications and credentials. I’ve accomplished a million milestones you never could or will. I’ve worked really, really hard to be who and what I want to be in this world. But you just wanna fuck me for two minutes and go about your day. That’s ok…and maybe I’ll even let you. You’ll ignore most of what I say, missing dozens of opportunities to see the little fires of intelligence I’ve spent a life time kindling and spritzing with gasoline. You won’t notice how structured and planned and perfect my life is and how many things I still aspire to do. Maybe you’ll notice someday not too long from now when you wake up to find that I’m your boss. Maybe you’ll notice when someday I get to fuck you.

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Title: "You'll See What You Want" (眼见为实)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 24x135x24x
Category: Other