"Worship and Good Glue" (崇拜和一管好胶水)

Liu Dao

I worship at the blessed shrine of industrial-strength cleaning supplies and feather dusters. My prayers take place at the alter of synthetic smells resembling fruits, flowers and laundry on a spring day. To kneel at this holiest of places though, one needs a good strong glue. There are countless bumps and nudges and accidental drops that occur when one is in the midst of a cleaning bonanza. As much as I appreciate a nice natural glue (containing bones, starch or fish organs) I prefer the hard-tack, no-nonsense practicality ofcyanoacrylate-based glues, the main ingredient in any respectable synthetic glue. To make this type of glue you have to start with a nice Low Molecular Weight Epoxy Resin, add a dash of Aluminum powder, your standard Amorphous silica, Sodium carbonate (and of course a touch of Sodium chromate), finish it off with a bit of Polyaminoamide and viola! You’re ready to fix and trinkets you’ve shattered from incessant, and non-stop dusting, wiping and polishing. Just remember to put the cap back on when you’re finished.

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Title: "Worship and Good Glue" (崇拜和一管好胶水)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 120x120x7x
Category: Other