Advertising on TheArtKey is offering THE platform for online advertisement in the art market. You address a clearly defined target group interested in art. By advertising on, you can precisely position your company. Online ads on the most comprehensive web portal in the field of art can be used for targeted product promotion as well as for brand advertising. Companies engaged in art sponsoring can communicate their respective activities to a large audience with an affinity to art. Art exhibitions and art events in general find a very interested audience on!

There are various ways to present your company or your activities to a focused target group of art interested people. Of course, you can also combine these:

  • A company profile on TheArtKey

  • Banners on


A company profile on TheArtKey

If you are a company active in the art market (art gallery, art museum, art school, art foundation, etc.), you can establish a company membership with TheArtKey. You will automatically have a company profile which allows you to present your company, publish news and promote ongoing or upcoming exhibitions. Besides, you may portrait artists represented by you. With a PREMIUM or DELUXE company membership, banners are created from your exhibition announcements and published on various pages of TheArtKey to promote your ongoing or upcoming exhibition. Please find further information on the various company memberships with TheArtKey here.

"Corporate Collections", art collections of companies, offer an excellent opportunity to attract the attention of a focused group of art interested people from around the globe. To learn more about how to present your corporate collection on, please click here.

Banners auf

There are various banner formats on TheArtKey. It is important to us that is not an art portal filled with advertisements. This is why you do not finde GoogleAds for topics that are not related with art at all on Advertisements on shall be presented in an aesthetic way and attract the attention of the website visitors. This is why we offer you the following banner formats:

  • Banner in all displays of search results and overviews on
    Your message is integrated in the result lists on, e.g. lists of exhibition announcements, list of galleries near you, etc., but also in the newsfeed of members of Each visitor will notice your message.
    The format of this banners is 720x90

  • Top banner below the menu bar of
    This banner attracts the attention of visitors immediately because it is centrally located in the visual focus point of the website visitor.
    The format of this banner is 720x90

  • Frame banner left and/or right of the information area:
    This is the most intensive form of advertisement on Your message frames the content of and is present on each and every page of
    The format of this banner covers the whole website around the information area and can be designed according to your needs.

All banners on are published for a defined display duration. For all banners, you may choose:

  • Display duration (minimal display duration: 1 week)

  • Geographical region (1 country, a country area of up to 4 countries, the whole world)

Contact us for a non-binding offer to publish your specific advertising message by clicking here.