"Rummage Lords" (掘宝的爵)

Liu Dao

What you got over there? What’s in that bag? What are you eating? Did you eat lunch yet? What are you arguing about with that other guy? Are you selling something…what is it? If you are in fact selling something, can you give me a discount? I’m not asking for anything special, just for you to remain competitive in the marketplace. Are you competitive in the marketplace? How much do you pay for your bills? Does your wife pay some of the bills? All? Do you like your wife? Do you cheat on her? Do you consider those full body massages that include rubbing your asshole and jacking you off to be cheating? Should you? Should I? Should your wife? Do you think your wife cheats? Do you think the guy she cheats on you with also sees other women? Do you think some of those other women are also married? Do you think some of those other married women have husbands that cheat on them? Do you think those women’s cheating husbands sell things? Do you think they are competitive in the marketplace. Do you think they have all eaten yet? Anyway, really though can you please tell me what you have over there in the bag? 

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Title: "Rummage Lords" (掘宝的爵)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 103.5x103.5x5x
Category: Other