"Chiseled and Chic and Oblique" (凿一片迂回的时髦)

Liu Dao

Rather than demolish an abandoned warehouse, why not just cover it with paint and call it some sort of art? How convenient that is, and what an easy solution for any urban eye sore! You have to spray fast though, keep your eyes peeled for those that want to keep the world an ugly mess. Above all, you have to have the calm required to accept your faceless credit, anonymous glory and nameless masterpiece subject to destruction at any moment. It’s best to learn that these gorgeous little masks of sprayed color are like sandcastles; constructed just to be swept away and forgotten forever. When you see that the tide has come for one don’t be frazzled or try to build a wall around to preserve it. Just move quickly somewhere else and build another! And hopefully you took at least a couple of photos before that last one fell. 

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Title: "Chiseled and Chic and Oblique" (凿一片迂回的时髦)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 195.5x75.5x7x
Category: Other