"And So We Made a Mess" (于是我们又捣乱了)

Liu Dao

It started out as a great idea, just do some low-level maintenance on some upper-level things…get them back to a top-tier shine. But if the fixing isn’t done with care, you’re likely to have even more to fix. A scratch becomes a chip, becomes a chunk, becomes the world exploding all around you. All with the merriest of intentions, which won’t even almost shield you from the harrowing rain of rubble. So make a mess if you want to, tear down walls and kick down doors… make the world your spin-kick, sledgehammer-swinging playground of destruction- leave your big signature signed with brute-force and testosterone, sing your aria with a jackhammer and pulverize the ground you walk on…just make sure you don’t do it by accident. 


Title: "And So We Made a Mess" (于是我们又捣乱了)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 120x120x7x
Category: Other