"Welcome to the Petting Zoo!" (欢迎到动物园)

Liu Dao

Hello and welcome to the wonderfully pulsating and dimly-lit petting zoo. All the animals here can be touched but don’t do anything a reasonable person wouldn’t do. Please make sure you don’t bump, push, punch, pinch or prod any of the animals, especially in any inappropriate places or when they’re not expecting it. These animals can be quite dangerous, deadly even, when startled or threatened. They never forget and they can hit back just as hard as you can. However. Should one of these animals happen to warm up to your touch and gaze you’re more than free to take it home! We don’t own them, merely provide an inviting environment for them to come and play. Once you take it away from here though we’re not responsible for anything that happens afterwards. Should either of you be injured or taken advantage of it’s no matter for us to be involved in. Anyway, welcome and best of luck to you while you’re here.

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Title: "Welcome to the Petting Zoo!" (欢迎到动物园)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 41x41x5x
Category: Other