"Along with the Fall" (伴随自由落体)

Liu Dao

I read a book that listed all the ways the world could end. My favorite was by rogue dead planet. You see, sometimes while a solar system is forming it can still be a little bit out of whack, some of the gravitational fields and orbits can be off enough that one of the planets gets flung out of the solar system and off into the abyss. There could be planets as big as ours, even bigger, hurdling towards us right now. Maybe some of them even had civilizations once, maybe some of them still do. It wouldn’t even have to hit us really, that would be mercy when you consider some of the other possibilities. It might pull another planet in our solar system just enough out of orbit that the whole thing goes out of whack. This could lead to the most cruel possibility of all: us being flung out of the solar system ourselves. With just enough time to know what was happening and that there was nothing we could do about it. Everything has its own little gravitational pull and you never know what will pull what in which direction.

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Title: "Along with the Fall" (伴随自由落体)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 75.5x195.5x7x
Category: Other