"Oh I Love Your Balance" (喔!我爱你的平衡)

Liu Dao

I really love your balance between work and play, business and ‘fun-time’. You never quite lean far enough towards either side to tip, although we all certainly think you come close on occasion. The way you seamlessly incorporate your dualities into a singular power-house of an individual makes me jealous to the point of madness. You work like a dog but never break a sweat, leisurely going for after-work martinis and keeping pace with the drunks. You awake the next morning bright eyed, bushy tailed to fresh squeezed juice and rigorous exercise…where do you find the time! We all watch and wonder how your days appear to contain 35 hours. What’s the secret? Always time for traditional family dinners, always time for dates, always with friends but always time for pleasure reading…how’d you learn this balancing act and, more importantly, how long can you keep it up? When you finally fall, how long will the drop be and which side will you land on? Your balancing act defies belief but we’ve all seen this movie before…we all know how it will probably end. 

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Title: "Oh I Love Your Balance" (喔!我爱你的平衡)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 103.5x103.5x5x
Category: Other