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Establish a personal user account

As an individual person (artist, art student, art collector, art lover, etc.), you can create your own profile, upload photos of your artworks, create your own blog and network with other members of TheArtKey community. In addition, you can establish your own personal website, even with the domain name of your choice.
To establish a (free) personal user account, click "Individual Person" in the "Sign-up as" section. If you want to post your upcoming exhibitions on your personal user profile as well as in the global exhibition calendar of, please sign-up as a "Power User". You find more information about a personal user account here.

Establish a company membership

As a company or institution (gallery, museum, auction house), you can create a profile of your company or institution. Upload photos of your artworks on sale or in your collection, post upcoming exhibitions, write news and present your company or institution to the world.
To establish a company membership, click "company / institution" in the "Sign-up as" section. The application process for a company membership will start. During this process, you may decide which company membership you wish to establish: BASIC (free of charge), PREMIUM or DELUXE. If you do not have a (free) personal user account yet, this will be established during the application for a company membership. A personal user account is the access to edit one (or more) company profiles. You find more information about company memberships here.

Signing up for a personal user account or a BASIC company membership on is free of charge.