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Lucy Petrescu
There is nothing just happening without a perfect reason. If the women are enslaved it is their own and their family's fault. The ignorance is the source of all problems my friend!The human kind should stop copy pasting it!( This is COPY PASTING RACE!!!)... This is why there is no psychological evolution. Human kind is still Stone Age level, sorry to say it! WHAT WE ARE, it is up to every nanosecond thought choices...

The actors of the conflict, part of his spoils of war, to take the women sexually violated as a way to humiliate your opponent. rais to the proliferation of drug trafficking, we see increase in sex tourism, slavery of women for virtually unlimited of sexual aberrations. this work of art in this rayismo, true authentic work of the artist, who has experience as a broadcaster by international humanitarian law, to the various illegal armed groups of the Colombian conflict and the military, schools, civilian population. facilitating humanitarian work, specified delivery of hostages, providing care for endangered missing persons search, care in displaced persons camps by armed conflict, the civilian population prevencion mine etc. This humanitarian work has been developed between the years 1990 to 2003. The artist, faced the same threats from armed groups, making people of non-conventional weapons explosions as gas cylinders, etc terrorist attacks. through art, as well as constructing a teaching material for use anywhere in the world, as prevention of attacks against civilians, Article three (3) common to the four Geneva Conventions of Switzerland; recovered my mental health.