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How to create a (free) artist profile on TheArtKey?

First, you need to establish your personal user account. This is free of charge!
Just click on "Sign-up" in the black bar at the top of the page, then click on "Individual person". Follow the steps.
Once your personal user account is established, login (see black bar on top of page) with your access data (mail address, password) and start to edit your artist profile.

The key to increase your chances that somebody gets to know you WHO DID NOT KNOW YOUR NAME BEFORE is to add as much information as possible to your artist profile and keep the information updated. The more information you upload (e.g. descriptions of your artworks, your own blog, etc.), the more potential search keywords of visitors might guide art interested people to your artist profile. Besides, make sure that your are linked with galleries on that exhibit your artworks.

When you have an own exhibition, you may write about it in your blog. Make sure that the gallery or art fair where you present your artworks also has a profile on TheArtKey and that this exhibition is published on TheArtKey. As an artist, you may establish a link to the organizer of the exhibition.

How can I use my "personal website"?

You can create and host your personal website - for free! You have access to your personal website from your MyPage. The setup page opens, and you can choose the domain name and the e-mail address, activate your personal website, choose the design template you like and define the starting page of your personal website. You can also define the displayed website name and the contact title. You are free to choose your preferred domain name in the following format: ""
In addition, you also have an email address: ""
Creating your personal website is done in just a few steps:
  1. Open your free user account on (see above)
  2. Setup your account: Enter the information you want to present on your website
  3. Upload artworks and write blogs
  4. Activate your personal website
  5. Choose the domain name ("") and the design you like.
And now, let all your friends and contacts know your new personal website address! Editing your website is as easy as editing your profile on Everything you edit in your profile will automatically be shown on your personal website.

By the way: If you use a domain redirection service, you can even choose a completely individual domain name and redirect all visitors to "". This is particularly interesting if you already have an own domain name and want to use it for your personal website on