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For galleries

Do you want NEW potential clients to know your gallery, your artworks on sale, the artists you represent as well as  your exhibitions? Ìf you do, it is not enough to have a nice own website. You cannot rely on being found by one of the existing internet search engines. The search entries are by far too unprecise, as well as the search results are by far to numerous. Your mailing list does not help either, as you only address people that your already know.


That's why there is - the professional network for visual art! A gallery profile on puts you on the global art market stage at the click of a button!


Do not hesitate and create your gallery profile today on - the professional network for visual art! A BASIC gallery membership on is free of charge!

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For museums

With a museum profile, you cannot only publish everything important about your museum on such as your address (shown in detail on Google maps) including phone and fax numbers, your business hours, entry fees, your own web address and your e-mail address. You also can publish your inventory of works of art and the artists you are representing. On top of that, you can also post your exhibitions, be it as announcement of what will come up in the future, be it as a retrospective on what has happenend in the past.


But the real power of a museum profile is unleashed in combination with the many social media functionalities on! We can make the right audience see your activities. This increases your chance to attract new people who might never have heard of your museum before! Besides, users can interact with you, comment your activities or communicate amoung each other.


A museum profile on puts you on the global art market stage by the click of a button!

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Advertising is offering THE platform for online advertisement in the art market. You address a clearly defined target group interested in art. By advertising on, you can precisely position your company. Online ads on the most comprehensive web portal in the field of art can be used for targeted product promotion as well as for brand advertising. Companies engaged in art sponsoring can communicate their respective activities to a large audience with an affinity to art. Art exhibitions and art events in general find a very interested audience on!

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For individuals

The community area on is the largest of its kind in the global art market and offers the most comprehensive social media features for artists, art students, art collectors, art lovers, art connoisseurs and everybody working in or interested in the field of art.


As an artist or art student, you can publish your work and show it to your friends and to potential buyers. As an art collector, you can show your art collection and post your interests.


And the best of all:




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