"Ideas Declared Dead" (想法宣布无效)

Liu Dao

Ideas tend to die violent deaths if they’re held on to past their practical use. This is how revolutions happen sometimes. A long attacked idea has been marriage. It used to make a lot of sense for purposes that were legal, social, libidinal, emotional, financial, spiritual and religious, or some combination of these. These reasons to wed have become tarnished and a bit outdated over the years, becoming either obsolete or easily replaced by something else. Maybe marriage will finally die the day that we figure out how not to: higher life expectancies have long been to blame for divorce- not many people want to spend 80 years with one other person. Makes you wonder what will happen to marriage if we ever learn how to significantly extend our lifespans- would anyone really want to be married for 150 years?

ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA TFT displayChinese papercut (Jian Zhi 剪紙), paper collage, IR sensor, 8-bit microcontrollerteakwood framepowered speakers
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2015


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Title: "Ideas Declared Dead" (想法宣布无效)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 73x47.5x7x
Category: Other