"Hula Homegirl" (呼啦圈宅女)

Liu Dao

My life is just one big balancing hula hoop act. Has anyone else ever felt like that? I can’t be the only one. I know it sounds weird. But to me, weirdly relatable. Your life is just rapid spinning motion, flailing around and around. But if you stop the hoop drops. So you keep spinning, keep moving your body in the same motion. Trying to keep the exhausting act look easy. You smile but that smile turns into a pained grimace. But no one has endless energy and there’s no time to focus anything else but the frantic circles. Some day I will have to face that the glaze of perfection that I encased my life in will crack. No, not crack, explode into a messy carnage of unacceptable feelings, unreachable expectations, dark lies and overwhelming failures. The hoop will drop. And my life, well, it will drop to. All the way to rock bottom.

Title: "Hula Homegirl" (呼啦圈宅女)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Category: Other