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Alexander Dashevskiy (b.1980) is a contemporary art painter from St. Petersburg. In 2013, Alexander was included in the list of the most promising young artists of Russia by Forbes magazine. Dashevskiy participated in major art fairs and biennials such as COSMOSCOW fair 2015, Art14 London, Contemporary Istanbul 2013, Venice biennale (parallel program, Capital of nowhere exhibition) 2013, Pusan biennale of contemporary art 2012, AHAF Hong Kong 2012, AHAF Seoul 2011, 3d Moscow biennale 2011, etc.


Alexander Dashevskiy explores the resources of painting, assuming that the state of turbulence of the modern world opens up new possibilities for this medium. He believes that the experience of unjustified expectations and multilevel distrust of the outside world is the core of the current historical moment. The instability of reality, political, as well as economical and psychological, turns the format of the works inside out. The author develops a special type of destabilized paintings in his latest project "The Fallen and the Precipitated": he creates complex irregular canvases, splits them into separate pieces, makes collages out of the images' fragments, different in texture and technology, outputs art into three-dimensional space The heroes of this kaleidoscopic decaying world are urban dwellers, which have stood idle. Someone is lying huddled on the floor in the bathroom, others wander meaninglessly in the pavilion, reminiscent of the late Soviet gigantic facilities, others lay on cots under the dome of the Pantheon, plunging into a collective hallucination with visions of immortal classics and unconventional values. Characters show different ways of responding to social upheavals. He organizes a tautological art space: the format of works which he invented and the state of his characters become reserved to each other. This circularity becomes a metaphor for the feeling of hopelessness in the situation of frustration and unpredictable mutation of symbolic coordinates.

In his previous series Dashevskiy’s style could be characterized as the new urbanism. The city planning of today blurs the traditional boundaries between the city, suburbs and industry. Block housing and empty lofts unfurl into the never ending Russian nature. As a “poet of the agglomeration,” Dashevskiy moves in the same direction that American artists of the 1960’s to the 80’s were heading, - out of the city center. He probes the American poetic of melancholy and forlornness in his own territory, which has its own industrial tradition in the art of Futurism and Social Realism. The alienating anti-aesthetic of garages and shanty towns blends into the aesthetic of painterly abstraction that plays with shades of colors, surfaces and depths. His paintings can be seen as science-fiction landscapes, painterly patchworks, technical blueprints, or as the dreams of lonely people. The ambiguity and mysteriousness of his works are the most important elements of their charm.