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The works by Peter Bösenberg compress contradictory situations in our urban surroundings – the suggestive and underlying evocative guide his view. The artist does not only deal with obvious incidents on the surface, but is interested in what can develop from the hidden, under careful observation. Peter Bösenberg, who studied film at the academy for media in Cologne, stage-manages films and writes screenplays, thus transferring the narrative principle of cinematic succession into photography.


Peter Bösenberg lives and works in Cologne (D)

1970 born in Kelkheim (D) 

1992-1993 Technical University of Darmstadt (D), Department of Psychology

1994-1995 University of Frankfurt a. M. (D), Department of Art History

1996-1997 University of Berlin, Journalism Studies

1997-2002 Academy of Media Art, Cologne

2002 Director Award for the short film "Abendstimmung", "Short Tiger Award", Filmförderungsanstalt des Bundes (FFA), Filmfest Munich

since 2009 Working on photographic series



2011 "Blindgänge", Kunstraum Hengesbach, Wuppertal (D)


2012 „20 YEARS“, Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin

2009 "Fototal", Galerie Frei, Cologne

1995 Kunstgeschichtliches Institut, University of Frankfurt a. M. (D)


2006 "Die Österreichische Methode", portmanteau film, Video-HD, 90 min

2003 "N.", short film, 8 min "Von einem Sommer", short film, direction: Erica von Moeller, 20 min, 35mm

2002 "Abendstimmung" short film, 14,5 min, 35mm "Heim", short film, direction: Matthias Schellenberg, 19 min, 35mm

2001 "Die Tasche", short film, direction: Matthias Schellenberg, 14 min, 35mm

2000 "In Klammern", short film, 4,5 min, 16mm

1999 "Die neuen Jahre (fangen ja gut an)", short film, 3 min, Beta SP

1998 "Wo ist die Stadt?", short film, 7 min, Beta SP "Ole tanzt", short film, 2,5 min, 8mm 1997 "Kälter Draußen", short film, 7 min, Hi8


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