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Ola Billgren’s paintings provide the viewer with insights into a relationship with easel painting since 1960. In earlier works, the renowned Swedish painter who passed away in 2001, especially investigated questions of representation, devoting himself to the role of the individual in the picture. Similar to his contemporaries Richard Hamilton and Gerhard Richter, Billgren began his quest by transmitting filmic strategies onto canvas. In the middle of the 70s, Billgren approached the discussion about mythological mirroring effects with partly symbolically charged portraits, and continued it into the 80s where he found a lyrical, romantic/dark, abstract, scenic expression. At the start of the 90s, he finally moved from representational painting to conceptually structural grid works. The desire to formulate a contemporary means of representation of classical easel work pervades his representational works and the atmospheric visual spaces. A presaging, a moment of suspension, these characterize his landscapes and portraits. To understand this effect, simply looking is not enough. His works demand an active positioning. These are motifs between figurative address and media reflection.


1940 born in Copenhagen (DK)
2001 deceased in Malmö (S)


2002 "Ola Billgren till minne", Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art, Malmö (S)  

2001 Rolf Hengesbach/Räume für neue Kunst, Wuppertal (D)

2000 Galleri Engström, Stockholm 

1999 "Ola Billgren, Malerei" Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster (D) Galerie Leger, Malmö (S)

1998 "Fotografi", Galleri Annexet, Malmö (S) Göteborgs Konstmuseum(S) Sundsvalls Museum (S) 

1997 Räume für Neue Kunst, Rolf Hengesbach, Wuppertal (D) "Till natten", Galerie Leger, Malmö (S) 

1996 "Pomejansk Interiör", Galerie Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen Galleri Engström, Stockholm

1994 Galerie Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen "Landskap med torn", Östergötlands Läns Museum, Linköping (S) Bildmuseet Umeå (S) 

1991 Retrospektiv, Rooseum, Malmö (S) Galleri Engström, Stockholm Retrospektiv, Moderna Museet, Stockholm 

1989 Galerie Leger, Malmö (S) 

1988 Galleri Engström, Stockholm

1986 Galleri Engström, Stockholm 

1985 Centre Culturel Suedoise, Paris 

1984 Galerie Asbaeck, Copenhagen 

1983 Galleri Engström, Stockholm Galleri Wallner, Malmö (S) 

1982 Galleri Engström, Stockholm 

1981 Galleri Wallner, Malmö (S) Galleri 69, Göteborg (S) Konsthallen Borås (S) 

1980 Krognoshuset, Lund (S) 

1979 Galleri Engström, Stockholm Konstmuseet i Ystad (S) Konsthallen, Borås (S) 

1974 Galleri Anders Tornberg, Lund (S) Svenska Bilder, Stockholm

1972 Galleri 69, Göteborg (S) Krognoshuset, Lund (S) 

1970 Galleri Belle, Västerås (S) 

1968 Krognoshuset, Lund (S) 

1967 Gävle Museum (S) 

1966 Galleri Karlsson, Stockholm 

1965 De Ungas Artotek, Malmö (S) 

1962 Lilla Konstsalongen, Malmö (S)



2012 „20 YEARS“, Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin

1999 "Facetter af Nordeuropeisk Kunst", Sønderjyllands Kunstmuseum Tønder (DK) 

1998 "Memento Metropolis", Kulturfabriken Stockholm 

1987 "Helldunkelhell", Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin 

1984 "Buscando el Norte", Museo National del Arte Contemporáneo Madrid 

1980 The Nordic pavilion, Biennale di Venezia 

1975 "Neuer Realismus aus Schweden", Bonn, Nürnberg, Dortmund, Lübeck (D)

1970 "Svenskt Alternativ", Moderna Museet Stockholm 

1967 "5. Biennale de Paris", Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville


Konstmuseum, Konstmuseet Malmö (S) 

The Fredrik Roos Collection Malmö (S) 

Moderna Museet Stockholm 

Nationalmuseum Stockholm 

Borås Konstmuseum, Göteborg (S)

Museet for Samtidskunst Oslo 

Statens Museum for Kunst Copenhagen (DK) 

Musée National d´Art Moderne Paris 

Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte der Hansestadt Lübeck (D) 

Von der Heydt-Museum Wuppertal, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (USA)


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