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Joseph Marioni is considered to be one of the leading members of the New York Radical Paintings that emerged in the 1970s. Following Abstract Expressionism and Pop art, Radical Painting was the attempt to reevaluate the timeless questions concerning the origins and fundamental characteristics of painting. Together with Brice Marden, Marioni published a manifesto on the debate, concerning the intrinsic values of the painted colors. In his pictures, he returns to these intrinsic values through a varnishing technique. At first, they appear to be monochromes, but then through the interaction with the layers, potential meditative bright spaces arise. Technically, the artist varnishes numerous layers of the same color on the canvas so that the painting does not change in color but in depth. The gloss of the pictures thus doesn’t return simply to the application of the colors nor to the colors. The edges of the paintings reveal the indentation of the layers and address the tactile perception sensitivity of the viewer. Like human skin, the canvas seems to discover the tangible capabilities of the colors in its individual cells. The color of the pictures resembles a jacket: in order to face the world, it protects itself against every form of cold and wetness but keeps the inside warm. He shows an affective mood in which we encounter the world and with which we record it within.


Joseph Marioni lives and works in New York City since 1972

1943 born 1943 in Ohio (USA) 

1962-1966 Cincinnati Art Academy

1966-1970 San Francisco Art Institute


1997 Berwanger Award


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  2008   University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario (CAN) “LIQUID LIGHT / Joseph Marioni Painter“, Wade Wilson ART, Houston, TX   

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  2012   "Farbe im Fluss/Color in Flux", Museum Weserburg, Bremen (D)"20 YEARS“, Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin   

  2011   “Joseph Marioni and Peter Tollens“, Wade Wilson Art, Houston, TX “Abstract Now“, BAM/PFA, Berkeley, CA “Incidents Maitrisé“s, Espace d L'Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux (F) “Alberto Giacometti“, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg (D) “Out of the Cartouche“, Monochrome Works of the Antal-Lusztig Collection,  MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen (HU) “Painting: Process and Expansion From The 1950's until now“, MUMOK, Vienna  


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