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In his paintings, Dirk Eicken takes the impossibility of a picture to give a single clear statement as his theme. People in his works seem to be neither familiar nor foreign. The painted faces make direct eye contact but remain obscure, out of focus. Presented as packages and wrappers, his painterly structures conceal subjects and whole realities. Central to Eicken’s paintings is the resulting balance between figurative presences and absences. Painting, for Dirk Eicken, is thus on the one hand a medium that is concerned with various visual levels and layerings, and on the other it also is concerned with social proximity and distance. He succeeds in achieving perception not through narrative details but rather through abstract color contrasts and with the carefully executed eye contact. To develop an emotional relationship between the viewer and the painted persons is not the artist’s concern. Instead, Eicken investigates the phenomenon as to how something or someone can enter a relationship with us through a picture. His works are experimental arrangements, negotiating the intangibility of an intended humanity. They represent identifying ways we pick up content from various sources that we retain in our memory. They are explicitly concerned with investigating the structure of media generated distances.


Dirk Eicken lives and works in Berlin

1959 born in Hagen/Westfalia (D) 

1980-1986 Berlin University of the Arts (Bachmann, Gerz, Kudielka, Schnebel)

1992-1993 Karl-Hofer-Stipendium, art and change grant, San Sebastian (ES)


2011 "Works 2009 - 2011", Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin

2009 "Pushing Pictures", Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin

2008 Kunstraum Hengesbach, Wuppertal (D) Galerie Rolf Hengesbach, Cologne


2012 „20 YEARS“, Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin

2010 "Pushing more Pictures", Hengesbach Gallery, Berlin


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