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Xue Sheng Tan (Tan Xue Sheng, 谭雪生) Biography

Xue Sheng Tan was born in 1921.  Like his wife, Jian Bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai), he studied art under Feng Mian Lin (Lin Feng Mian), a member of the first wave of Western oil painting influenced Chinese artists, the so-called Hangzhou school of painting, in the early 20th century.  Tan graduated from both the Hangzhou Academy Art College and the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.  He is also one of the more famous painters of his era.  Indeed other famous artists praise his sense of color, adapted to the wet climate of southern China, such as can be seen in his "Fishing House by the Seashore" (see below).  We also love the colors in "Returning Ship", "Great Wall", amd "Mining Town", which, although different color schemes, are so typical of an impressionist's palette.  In fact, in his earlier years, as a painter, he was more precise, in his work, and became more impressionistic, in style, in his later years. 

Tan also spent time as an art educator.  He taught at various art schools, ending his academic career as dean of the Guangzhou Art Academy, in the 1970's.  He did a lot of research into the historical role of art, in China.  He has painted hundreds of picture of scenes from around the world.  Since the late 1980's, he and his wife, Jian Bai Xu, have been living in California.  They were both still creating great paintings (see, for example, "LA Suburb" from the year 2000, below), well into their later years. 

Tan passed away in the summer of 2011; he is survived by his wife, artist, Xu Jian Bai.

Participated in Bejing International Art Exposition, Guangzhou International Art Exposition

Works chosen for inclusion in Half a Century's Eyes exhibition at the Guangzhou Academy of Art Museum

“Tan Xue Sheng Meditating on the nature” exhibition at the Guangdong Museum of Art.

One of his paintings was chose for the "Hong Kong: a Better Tomorrow" Exhibition to celbrate the return of Hong Kong to China

Participated in the Taipei International Art Fair

Work chosen for the Sun yat-sen and Overseas Chinese International Art Exhibition: works from the National Museum

Works chosen for Ten Old Chinese Contemporary Painters Exhibition in Hong Kong (in the year that he moved to the U.S.)

Invited to gives talks at the Chicago Institute of Art

Vice-chancellor of South China Art University

Professor and Dean of the Guangzhou Fine Art Academy

Works selected for The People's Republic of China Painting Exhibition, which toured several Eastern European countries.