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In the Exhibitions section of TheArtKey.com, you find a list of art events from all over the world. To easily find what you are interested in, you can browse, filter and search.

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Past Events

In this group, you find all past events.

Current Events

In this group, you find all events that are currently running.

Future Events

In this group, you find events that will start in the future.

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Filter options allow a faster search for events. With just one click, you can select events in your country or your city.


This option allows to sort events for a more structured view. By default, the sort options is set on "random".

Posting events

All registered users with an own profile (companies like art galleries, art museums, art schools, etc. or individuals such as artists or art students) can upload art related events such as exhibitions, vernissages, etc. on TheArtKey.com upload event

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Displaying event

Each event is displayed in a standard format. This makes it very easy for the visitor of TheArtKey.com to quickly find the information he or she is interested in.

Event title

The event title is the main description of the event. It is displayed at the top of the event and should be short and easy to understand.

Event image

The image that is connected with the event is an eye-catcher for the event. The image is always displayed together with the event title (exept in the list "Events starting soon"). Besides the "title" image, you can also upolad other pictures that you connect with the event. Very often, pictures describe the nature of an event much better than words.

Event description

This section containts all necessary text information of the event.


Display of the event location. We are using the google map system for showing the map. It is possible to see the exact location in various forms (standard map, satellite map, ...).

Event alerts

Once per month, the owner (administrator) of the event will receive an email as a reminder that the event is published on TheArtKey.com. This email contains all basic information about the event, namely the number of views. Besides, an email will also be sent when the event will be finish soon and when it has finally finished. This mail will remind the owner that he should post more upcoming events.

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