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A company profile is used to present your company (art gallery, art museum, art fair, art school, auction house, etc.) to the global audience of To create a company profile on, you need to establish a company membership. There are three company memberships available: BASIC, PREMIUM, DELUXE. To read about the major benefits of a company profile on, please click here.

Creating a company profile

A company profile will be created as soon as you establish a company membership. If you already have a (free) personal user account, you can establish a company membership by using the "Create new profile" link in the left column of your MyPage. If you do not have a personal user account yet, you may start the process of establishing a company membership and creating a company profile by clicking here.

Why can I not login as a company?

It is not possible to log-in as a company. To manage a company profile, you need to log into your personal user account. The personal user account is the access to the editing section of a company profile. Several users (each with an individual user account) can manage the same company profile. To do so, the user who first established the company membership (the "main administrator") can assign admin rights to other users on In the left column of the MyPage of your personal user account, you find the access to manage the company profile(s) of which you have editing rights. If you do not have a personal user account when you establish a company membership, your personal user account will be established in the process of establishing your company membership.

General data

Each company profile contains some general information like name, address, contact, working time. You can change all this data at any time.


The map is generated automatically, based on the parameters of your company address.

Privacy / Display

You can change your account activity at any time. You can choose at any time, how much data that you upload will be displayed or hidden.

Company Administrators

Administrators are people with a personal user account on who have the right to manage a company profile. Generally, the user who establishes a company profile first acts as the main administrator of this company profile. It is possible to assign editing rights to other people with a personal user account on These editing rights can be assigned or taken away at any time by the main administrator. This way, it is easy to delegate the task to manage a company profile to various people within or even outside a particular organization.


You can publish news that are connected with your company in the News section of your company profile. This can also be PR articles or any kind of information that might be interesting for the visitors of Your news articles will also be shown in the global News section of


You can publish current and upcoming events in the events section of your company profile. All events that you post will also be listed in the Exhibitions section of Depending on the type of membership you have (BASIC, PREMIUM or DELUXE), your events will also be displayed to all members of in the same region and will be advertised as a text banner on various pages of Based on the type of membership, the priority of listing or displaying your event may differ as well. In order to have a better marketing impact, please make sure that you enter the information about your event(s) correctly, especially event title, start and end dates, location and the text description.


In the Artist section of your company profile, you can establish links to artists you represent or from whom you have artworks on display. If these artists do not have an artist profile on yet, you can easily establish a short artist profile within your company profile. This "light" artist profile can later be transferred to a "full" artist profile.


In the Artworks section of your company profile, you can show artworks on sale or on display. If the artwork is already on, you can just establish a link. If the artwork is not yet on, you can upload new artworks.


All contact forms are predefined by You can easily assign reading rights for these contact forms such as messages, etc.

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