Benefits of an artist profile

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With an artist profile on, you can present yourself, your artworks and your activities to a global audience of art interested people. links "providers" of art (artists, art galleries, art museums, etc.) with "consumers" of art (art collectors, art lovers, etc.). The visitors of are a very focused group of people interested in visual art. provides a series of functionalities which guide visitors to profiles they might be interested in:

  • Visitors might see an artwork they like
  • Visitors might search for a specific style or theme
  • Visitors get to know you as an artist linked to an art gallery
  • etc.

The key to increase your chances that somebody gets to know you WHO DID NOT KNOW YOUR NAME BEFORE is to add as much information as possible to your artist profile and keep the information updated. The more information you upload (e.g. descriptions of your artworks, your own blog, etc.), the more potential search keywords of visitors might guide art interested people to your artist profile. Besides, wmake sure that your are linked with galleries on that exhibit your artworks.