TheArtKey for corporate collections

Why you should promote your engagement for art on TheArtKey

Your company supports art. You have your own corporate collection. Some artworks are on display in your buildings, but due to limited space on walls, many artworks might be stowed away in storage rooms. How about to show your support for art to a wide audience of art interested people from all over the globe? How about presenting your corporate collection in a classy environment, a place visited by hundred thousands of art interested people from around the globe - each month? Then, is just the place to be! With a profile of your company and its corporate collection on, you put yourself on the global art stage! You can

  • portrait your company
  • upload all artworks of your corporate collection
  • announce art exhibitions
  • write news
  • and much more

With a company profile on, you cannot only publish everything important about your company (what you do, why you support art, etc.). You also can publish your entire corporate collection.

In addition, you can post exhibitions, be it as an announcement of what is currently going on or will come up in the future, be it as a retrospective on what has happenend in the past.

The more precise you describe these elements, the more precise they can be found by visitors of by region, by style, by artist, etc. You can use various languages - supports already eight languages today, including Chinese and Russian.

Another important feature is the opportunity to post own news articles. You are free to post everything you consider being of interest to other users of, as long as it complies with our terms & conditions. These articles can also be listed in the NEWS section of Posting news gives you a strong tool to make yourself and your company visible in the global art market. The more interesting your news are, the more our readers will read your articles and the better your ranking will be on the list of "top watched" articles.

But this is not all. The comprehensive social media functionalities allow a targeted display of your entries to users of Users can comment these entries, communicate among each other, and much more. By presenting your corporate collection on, you have an excellent opportunity to make a wide audience of art interested people from around the globe familiar with your support for art.

Interested? We are happy to discuss with you the opportunities to present the support of art of your company in an adequate setting to a global audience of art interested people.

Please write ( or call (+41 41 511 41 50).