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  Lucy Pausescu

Lucy Pausescu -
 Personal information  
Gender: Female  
Display Name: Lucy Pausescu 
I am: Art lover  
City: Bucharest  

 About me


 My interests
Exploration, freedom of the known, natural flowing order, the TRUTH OF EACH MOMENT, avangardism, pioneering creation, transpersonal information, understanding the world of the soul, how the life on earth is infuenced by the micro-mezo-macro - cosmic INFORMATION-VIBRATION-ENERGY...
I like:
BEST SOUND& LIGHT Systems and Technologies , drawing tools and accessories , Electronic, Melodic Electronic, Melodic Techno Progressive-Dance-Deep-Funk-Tech , DEEP TECHNO, AMBIENT, Chillout , astral travel, metaphysics, esoteric astrology, alternative medicine (TCM) , science in general, i.e. homeopathy, quantum physics, astrophysics, psychoanalysis ) drawing-dancing, exploring the whole movement of life...

I hate:
I hate CHAOS, PRIMITIVE CONDUCT, ignorance, brain stimulants (natural/synthesis ) , all kinds of slavery, FEAR, naivity, greed, glutony, libertinism, intellectual-physical prostitution, exhibitionism, competition, mind control, domination, manipulation , politics, religions, manipulative ideologies and dogmas), COPY PASTING, TRIBALISM, EVERYTHING and whatever divides the human kind and nature... the VERY ROOT OF inner/outer micro - meso -cosmic level CONFLICT, violence, war, unbalance, terrestrial disharmony...
My hobbies:
Understanding the human soul-mind-body and the influence of the cosmic and telluric information, energy, vibration, EM fields on terrestrial life, ... art...
My favorite artist:
Producer, Remixer and Dj STAS DRIVE QUATTAR, GUY MANTZUR, GUY J, CID INC among others ...
My favorite art books:
The Future is Now. (Conversation between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm),The Future Of Humanity .Converstions with David Bohm -J. Krishnamurti, The Essential David Bohm, The Undivided Universe by David Bohm, Thought As a System by David Bohm, The Search for Meaning : The New Spirit in Science and Philosophy by Paavo Pylkkanen...
The Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, A Few Items about the Quantum Genesis of the Milky Way (Implicity 0f Black Holes), by Ilie Marti, Perfect Materia Medica of the Mind , all books of . Rajan Sankaran, The Practice Of Chinese Medicine by Giovanni Maciocia.

 About my work
About work:

Between 1-31 March 2013, 6 of my artworks have been exposed at the ' Gifts of Spring' Exhibition, held at Pullman Hotel Conference Room, World Trade Center. The event is organized by Elite Prof Art Gallery .

My style:

Abstract drawing/graphic

My concept :

The Colour of the Unseen.

I work with these materials:

Drawing ink in pen, 0,3- 0,5 mm pencils... I love pointilism style

What kind of materials I prefer:
Oil based ink, water and light resistant.
What inspires me?:

INFORMATION, the VIBRATION of SOUND i.e.: progressive-deep- tech-deep techno, underground electronic music, gemstones, cuantum physics and mechanics, astronomy, David Bohm, J. Krishnamurti... nature is the most surprising talented artist ...

My message:

, 'The mind is replacing an illusion with another illusion and calls it ...TRUTH.' (¤*¤) -J. Krishnamurti

 About art
How I got into art:

Realising the bipolar manifestation of information on Earth and its infinite meaning of meaning...

What art means to me:

... A communication method of the soul to express its level of reality and meaning... ,,The term 'meaning', includes significance, purpose, intention and value, however these are points of departure into the exploration of the meaning of the meaning. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO MEANING... REALITY IS INEXHAUSTIBLE, AND SO EVIDENTLY IS THE MEANING. What is needed is thus a CREATIVE ATTITUDE TO THE WHOLE, ALLOWING FOR THE CONSTANTLY FRESH PERCEPTION OF REALITY, which requires the UNENDING CREATION OF NEW MEANINGS. This is especially significant, in the exploration of the meaning of meaning. MEANING IS INSEPARABLY CONNECTED WITH INFORMATION. The OPERATIVE NOTION here is that INFORMATION HAS TO DO WITH FORM. Literally 'TO INFORM' means 'TO PUT FORM INTO SOMETHING'. First of all, INFORMATION has to be held in some form, which is carried either in a material system (e.g. a printed page) or in some energy (g. a radio wave). *MEANING IS THE ACTIVITY OF INFORMATION... ... we find that in general a pure form cannot exist by itself, but has to have its subsistence in some kind of material or enrgetic basis; and this is why information has to be carried on such a basis; Thus, even the information is our senses impressions and in our thought processes has been found to be carried by physical and chemical processes taking place in the nervous system and the brain... the energy and in the soma (body) - is THE MEANING OF INFORMATION, rather than to say that the information affects the entity called the mind/soul (psyche) WHICH IN TURN OPERATES SOMEHOW ON THE MATTER OF THE BODY. So the relationship between ACTIVE INFORMATION and ITS MEANING is basically similar to that between the elements distinguished..." David Bohm

My favourite artists:


Most impressive piece of art of another artist:

Augustin Lesage's artworks , Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.

What has changed in the world of art in recent years:

There are 3 types of ART. MADE BY SOUL, by brain and by the wonderful communion of the two. If the brain becomes a "sharp and beautiful diamond " tool of a beautiful soul/inner clarity and SPIRITUAL freedom, the ARTWORK IS ALIKE... The artworks are reflecting the level of consciousness, value system, character of an artist...

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Paul Overfield
Thank you for your kind comment Luminita. Can I ask where do you get your inspiration for your works from? I find them very interesting, they've got a lovely warm and subtle psychedelic feel to them. Kind regards Paul.