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  Brigitte Hintner Painting

Brigitte Hintner -
 Personal information  
Gender: Female  
Display Name: Brigitte Hintner 
Age: 50  
I am: Artist  
Style: Painting  
Category: Paintings  
City: Wattens  
Country: Austria  

 About me
Paintings of the expressive female form
Experience (in years):
I was born in Schwaz / the Tyrol / Austria and grew up in a quite creative family.At the age of 8, my father, himself a very accomplished artist, started my artistic education. He introduced me to some drawing techniques and to see details others cannot see. All my knowledge about art was passed on to me from my father. But it is indisputable, that my artistic talent , inherited from my father, is a natural talent that is very rare! So I was told ! So I've been an artist since I was a child, always dabbling in paints and other media. I feel blessed and honoured to be an artist. I've had the privilege of putting down on paper/,canvas my thoughts , inspiratinos, and the beautiful sceneries that God has given us. Art makes it possible to communicate with all people without words! 
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