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Your benefits with a museum profile on


With a museum profile on, you cannot only publish everything important about your museum such as your address (shown in detail on Google maps) including phone and fax numbers, your own web address and your e-mail address. You also can publish your inventory of works of art and the artists you are representing.

On top of that, you can also post your exhibitions, be it as announcement of what will come up in the future, be it as a retrospective on what has happenend in the past.

Another important feature is the opportunity to post own news articles. You are free to post everything you consider being of interest to other users of, as long as it complies with our terms & conditions. These articles can also be listed in the NEWS section of Posting news gives you a strong tool to make yourself and your museum heard on the global art market. The more interesting your news are, the more our readers will read your articles and the better your ranking will be on the list of "top watched" articles.

But the real power of a museum profile is unleashed in combination with the many social media functionalities on! We can make the right audience see your activities. This increases your chance to attract new people who might never have heard of your museum before! Besides, users can interact with you, comment your activities or communicate amoung each other.

A museum profile on puts you on the global art market stage at the click of a button!


Company memberships on offers you three forms of company membership

  • BASIC company membership
    (free of charge)
  • PREMIUM company membership
    (EUR 8 / CHF 10 / US$ 12 per month)
  • DELUXE company membership
    (EUR 42 / CHF 50 / US$ 55 per month)

The BASIC membership is free of charge. It offers you all functions to create an interesting profile of your museum on

The PREMIUM membership (EUR 8 / CHF 10 / US$ 12 per month) offers - besides the BASIC functions - various additional features:

  • The experts of upload exhibition announcements to your company profile. You just send us the information in electronic form (or a link to the information), and we update your company profile.
  • Information in PREMIUM profiles will be prioritized in listings of galleries, museums, exhibitions, etc.
  • From all exhibition announcements of a PREMIUM company profile, a text banner is created which will be shown in various sections of (see right columns on News, Events, Museums, etc.) and therefore increase the number of views of these exhibition announcements substantially.
  • Exhibition announcements of PREMIUM profiles will be shown on the personal MyPage of users of the specific region where the event takes place
  • PREMIUM profiles and their exhibition announcements are shown on the homepage of (in rotation mode)

The DELUXE membership (EUR 42 / CHF 50 / US$ 55 per month) is the "care free solution":

  • The experts of establish and update your complete company profile. We not only upload your exhibition announcements, but also your PR news or new artworks on sale or display, we establish links to artists you represent, etc. You just send us the information in electronic form (or a link to the information), and we update your company profile.
  • A DELUXE membership is also the basis if you would like the experts of host, manage and update YOUR EXISTING COMPANY WEBSITE! If you are tired of keeping your own website updated, just contact us. We show you how cost-effective and easy it is to delegate this tasks to the experts of


By clicking on the link below, the registration process starts. After entering some basic informatoin, you get to the product list. You can choose the currency in which the prices are shown by clicking on the respective currency link (EUR / CHF / US$). Please note that all prices are per month. The minimal duration of a subscription is one year. You can benefit of discounts of up to 50% of the regular prices with our very attractive schemes for 2-year, 3-year, 5-year and 10-year subscriptions.


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