"You'd Better Just Save Yourself" (你应该拯救自己)

Liu Dao

Yea yea yea, Titanic. The first boating disaster people name when the subject is aroused - I suppose the movie may be to blame for that. When Titanic sank it took 1,517 people to the bottom of the ocean with it - which is a lot, but there were worse events. Much worse. Just five years after Titanic, Canada lost its ship Mont-Blanc after it collided with another ship near Halifax. The forty crew members abandoned ship before it exploded but 1,950 passengers did not. In December of 1948, China’s passenger ship Kiangya exploded near the mouth of the Huangpu River, just south of Shanghai, sending 3,920 passengers to a frigidly cold-watery grave. The worst disaster on record occurred in the Philippines in 1987. The Manila-bound passenger ferry Dona Paz collided with an oil tanker in the Tablas Strait, leaving 4,386 dead of either drowning or burning alive or both. There are more than enough disasters to choose from if you are in need of ones to fill your nightmares of the sea. Most of these stories suggest that, if you’re out on a boat, be ready to save yourself. We’re throwing out a line, or rather, a carpet. Dial the number and see if we reach you in time. 

MEDIA Carpet, GSM module, 8-bit microcontroller
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2014
SIZE 200(W)×200(L)×1.8(H) cm


Title: "You'd Better Just Save Yourself" (你应该拯救自己)
Artist: Liu Dao
Category: Other