"Greetings From Sycamore!" (来自枫树的问候!)

Liu Dao

In the spring of 1949, Ed Seymour, owner of a paint company in Sycamore, Illinois, decided to put paint into an aerosol spray can. His new invention included a little ball inside (referred to as “the pea”) that would shake up the paint to ensure a smooth and even finish. The rest was (and will continue to be) history; a long legacy of unintended uses to go along with all the expected ones. From car manufacturers adopting the concept to paint their automobiles in 40 seconds, to New York gangs marking territory in the late 1970’s, quite a few things changed after that. Today you can choose from thousands of custom colors, cans containing multiple peas, varying pressure levels that affect thickness, custom actuators and caps that control the softness and crispness of finish. You can even buy calligraphy caps that fan out to control the distribution and intensity of the spray. Or. You could just go buy the first can of paint you come across and spray some shit on a wall somewhere. 

Title: "Greetings From Sycamore!" (来自枫树的问候!)
Artist: Liu Dao
Year: 2015
Dimension: 41x41x5x
Category: Other