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Street:Rua Da Rocha  
City:2755-195   Lisbon  

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AIR GalleryAIR GalleryGallery+351214870231+351214870232http://www.artistsinresidence.eu Da Rocha,Lisbon2755-195Portugal38.75178528-9.45678043
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AIR (Artists In Residence) Gallery was founded in Lisbon in 2008, with the mission of presenting distinguished modern and contemporary art works made in AIR residences, and supporting young and established artists to reveal undiscovered talents. The cutting edge creators represented by AIR have exhibited in solo shows (ref. and art fairs all over the world. AIR supports contemporary “residenceArt” and is creating a distinguished new residence in Bebek, on the European side of Istanbul, for Art lovers and collectors to meet local and global artists together.

Featured Artists:

Meray Akmut

Benjamin Struelens

Tom De Graeve

For further information on the AIR exhibitions please contact Tom de Graeve at: or call +90(0)5374810159

Visit us at stand A204 at Contemporary Istanbul'11.

Featured Artists:

Tom De Graeve (born in Ghent, Belgium, 1968), has been working on an extensive paintings cycle using the following themes:

- Listen to your eyes: the outer seen

- Colors of my soul: the inner seen

- Present of our future: the already seen

Listen To Your Eyes is a framework of reflection and an analysis of the representation of the eye: the outer seen. The paintings reflect on the differences between looking and seeing. The eyes don’t speak, yet, in human communication, they can say everything. Colors Of My Soul We absorb information yet we share emotions: the inner seen. The soul is the organism of the senses. The eye doesn’t see itself as another. Lighting up an inner light: the thought of an own identity. Present Of Our Future Conscious and unconscious, the 2 parts of the human being, rarely meet. The abstract & virtual review of life: the already seen. Tom has worked on the preparation and the paintings themselves in several locations (Mauritius, South-Africa, Barcelona, Paris, Istanbul, Brussels and Lisbon). The paintings cycle will be exhibited in selected locations worldwide.

Meray Akmut was born in Ankara in 1968. She graduated from Mımar Sinan University graphics department. Her life and career have been focused on Art. Meray works as a painting teacher in private institutions and assists students in her own workshop called 'merayart'. Meray Akmut has been acclaimed as one of the leading artists of the younger generation. Her original, expressive figurative understanding has led to her paintings now hanging in private collections both in and outside Turkey. After her 1st solo exhibition at the Turkish Consulate in New York in 2006, she was invited to the 1st Molecular Medice Congress. She exhibited at EKAV under her concept name, DNA. Following her exhibition at the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair in 2006, her work was displayed at Contemporary Istanbul 2007, with the cooperation of Casa Dell' Arte.


2008 NEW YORK Turkish Consulate - expo

2008 CASADELL'ARTE - Bodrum - expo


2009 HAMAK-BODRUM - expo

2009 Contemporary ART Fair Istanbul

2009 TAG Istanbul – Live installation

2010 AIR Gallery Den Haag, NL - expo

2010 MACAKIZI - West meets East - expo

2010 AIR Gallery - Lisbon, Portugal - expo

2010 AIR Gallery - Contemporary Art Fair Istanbul

Benjamin Struelens is a 31 years old Belgian photographer. He has published three books, distributed by Luc Pire in Belgium and France, that were received enthusiastically by the public and the press. He has exhibited his photos in Paris, Montreal, Berlin and Brussels.

"Nude York", "Havana Blue", and "Venezia Eyes" comprises of photographs taken by Benjamin, travelling at lightning speed through cities without pre-planning or forethought. The results are totally spontaneous and with impeccable technique, transmit instant perceptions and live emotions. His fourth book, "Haiti Kenber" to support the Geomoun NGO was released following the earthquake of January 12 in Haiti.

His extraordinary images are shown for the first time in Turkey at AIR Gallery in Istanbul Contemporary’11



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